Called to be a Follower of Jesus Christ

Jesus & Disciples

Jesus has a mission for all of us, if we are willing to accept it.  Today’s Gospel reminds us that we are invited by the Lord Himself to come and see, to follow Him and to accept the mission we are called to in this life; to bring God to each other, and each other to God.  This is a vocation; not only the call of men called to the priesthood but for every one of us in our own and particular, unique way.  What and how exactly we will do this could be as a married person, a religious sister or man or as a priest.  There are even some of us who are called to do this as dedicated and consecrated single people.

Our mission comes from being a Disciple and follower of Jesus.  Being a follower affects and requires every part of who we are.  There’s a difference between being a follower and being an admirer of Jesus as Christians.  Several years ago now, I came across a reflection from Fr. Mark Link, SJ, a Jesuit spiritual writer and author who passed away a few years ago.  Since reading Fr. Link’s reflection, I have always asked myself am I a true follower or more an admirer of Jesus in my Christian actions each day.  An admirer obviously appreciates what Jesus did and perhaps even what Christians do, but doesn’t feel he or she needs to follow suit, or makes excuses as to why his or her circumstances might be different.  We might admire how people pray, and that people do great things as Christians, or make great sacrifices as Christians – but unfortunately, we don’t find the means and ways to do the same.  A follower takes what he or she knows and applies it, as best as he or she can, recovers quickly from mistakes and keeps going.  A follower wants to learn and grow and dedicate him or herself more and more to this mission given them to bring Jesus to everyone he or she meets in our daily lives.

The Apostles and first Disciples are charged with a mission: we too are charged with the same mission.  Let us truly give ourselves as followers (more than admirers) of the Risen Lord today and every day!  May God bless you.

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