Our Miracle of Feeding Others…

Multiplication of the LoavesThe Lamb of God

There are good theological reasons to see the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and the Holy Eucharist in the same light.  I often think of the multiplication and miracle of Jesus feeding these people in a pastoral way as well.  I find myself moved by the love and compassion Jesus has for the people who come to Him.  As a Catholic priest, by the power of God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I pray over bread and wine and it becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus, the Bread of Eternal Life.  I am very mindful of how much I want all the people who come to receive to know Jesus in this way.  I see so much faith and trust in their eyes when they come forward to receive Our Lord.  I really and truly believe that when much of society and the media often can suggest that the Catholic Church is becoming irrelevant, it hasn’t been my experience.  People still come for Holy Mass – NOT BECAUSE any of my brother priests or bishops  or myself are amazing; but because Jesus is there!  There are many miracles beyond what I am describing taking place in our faith communities all the time, but that the Lord Jesus makes Himself present in so many different ways, but to feed us with His own Body is really and truly a gift from God!!!

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