Is Jesus the Cornerstone of Our Lives?

Is Jesus the cornerstone of your life?  I find myself well into my forties now, reflecting upon my life, more than 15 years of it now as a Christian.  I had a life already as I became Christian and as a priest ministering to people and living my life radically different from my early beginnings I look at what is the same and what is different.  I wonder sometimes if I have really and truly become a better man than I was in the early days of my life.  No doubt without the moral and ethical compass I have now in my teens and into my twenties I was living selfishly and lived for what I could get out of life, the world and others – without much meaning and purpose.  In that way, I am happily living for something greater now.  Where I challenge myself is where I can clearly see I like comfort and the remnants of the things that I considered selfish choices I made, sometimes those elements of my life remain and I fall into moments and occasions of returning to pre-Christian ways.  But I don’t live there.  The “house” I live in now belongs to Jesus and He is my Way, my Truth and my Life.  I am still a weak and sinful man, but the Lord in His love and mercy is not going anywhere and though I still find myself missing Him in areas and parts of my life, He is my cornerstone.

Today, our Gospel gives us all an occasion to reflect: is Jesus the cornerstone of the house we live in?  We must remember that He will be rejected, but are we rejecting Him?  If we are in any way, now (Lent) is the time for us to make amends and to begin again.

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