Go And Reconcile…


Speaking of the beautiful Sacrament of Reconciliation as a priest does not detract from the sanctity of the inviolable seal of the sacrament.  As a priest having heard many confessions, who looks forward to hearing many more – I can say with profound conviction that in some ways I wish others knew the real grace that takes place in and around there; as sacred a duty and responsibility I have to protect the secrecy of the confessional; I wish others could hear what’s confessed there; but it’s between the faithful and the Lord their God.  I am hearing, counseling and absolving on His behalf.  Kneeling or humbling oneself before God, much of what many of us confess before God, if it were known to others might make one wonder just how it is that there is so much unforgiveness, hatred and bitterness between people in the world.  In the confessional, people so often want reconciliation with God and other people in the world.  Of course many of us struggle to be charitable to others who hurt or betray us, but in the confessional – so many take responsibility and the blame before God for whatever goes wrong in relationships in their lives.  Penitents are inspiring to me, they make me want to be a better priest, a better man, a better Christian each day.  As I consider today’s Gospel and think about who I have hurt, torn down, betrayed or hold anger and resentment towards; I consider how we live in a hope-filled world much of it coming from the desire to do right towards others and be right with God.  I seek to be reconciled myself and to reconcile with those around me.

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