Are We Ready to Surrender it All?

Matthew's Call

I must admit that I wish (and I’m sure every other Vocation Director is with me on this) that vocation work in the Archdiocese of Toronto was as easy as it seems it was for Jesus with Levi (it seems).  Of course, the Gospels give us the account and we have to remember there were many other things happening that we can’t know for certain that Levi followed Jesus immediately but it was a pretty fast moving conversion and discernment.  There are many obvious reasons why my work can be more challenging; one of them being – I am not Jesus!  I am not the Son of God!  And so I’m working within my own limitations and trying my best to convey His Way, His truth and His life.  As a “work in progress” and an imperfect instrument myself, I need the words of our Lord and have my own limits in conveying them to others.  Hopefully not too many and fewer as I (hope to) grow in holiness myself.  “Teach me your ways, as I walk in your truth!”  It is absolutely true that it is in fact, Jesus that everyone who is called, follows: but they do so through and with those who inspire them and are instruments of Jesus in their day to day life.  So I’m not Jesus, but neither are the other people in the discerners’ life either.

We are called to give it all to the Lord as Levi does.  Once the Truth penetrates our hardened hearts, we are meant to surrender and so today we reflect upon that, each of us for ourselves.  Where have we not allowed the Holy Spirit and the Love of God to penetrate our hearts and souls?  Where have we not surrendered ourselves to the Way we are called to live as Disciples?  Today’s Gospel gives us cause to pause and reflect upon that.  And I shall reflect upon it too.  There are areas of my life that require greater surrender.  And if I’m not prepared to surrender everything, I ought not to be asking those whom, I meet that are discerning to do the same!

During this season of Lent, as we continue to “turn towards the Gospel”, may each one of us in our own daily lives and in our vocation look to surrender it all in a greater way.

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