Are We Ready to Trust in God More?

Are we ready to trust God?  This is a question each of us needs to ask ourselves again and again in our lives, especially if we’re going to live lives dedicated to God.  Are we willing to trust that God has a plan and no matter what we wanted or what we had hoped for in life; God has a plan that is meant to bring about the best in us and in time He will reveal that plan to us, in part or in whole. Trust is an activity; it’s the most important action a Christian can commit himself or herself to.  So many us weaken in our faith, some of us even stop believing because we are lacking and then sometimes unwilling to trust God.  Part of this is understandable, because we relate to God as we relate to others and many of us have every reason not to trust some of the people in our lives – we are justified in that.  It’s easier said than done, to habituate ourselves in our relationship with God to an acceptance that our relationship with Him is different.  It is, but it takes work and force of habit to remind ourselves of that.  If we can wrap our minds around that, it is amazing how far we can go in faith.  It’s amazing how much more able we are to see the Lord our God and to recognize His love and His Loving Presence all around us and in everything.

The Holy Parents are models of this trust, but most especially St. Joseph.  With the shocking news that she was with Child, Joseph had his whole life turned upside down in an instant.  While Mary had to trust God in His Plan after the Annunciation, Joseph did not have an instant encounter with the angel and had to deal with emotions of betrayal, hurt and pain before he encountered God’s messenger in a dream. Then we know he was responsible for safeguarding this family when their lives were in danger.  I can only imagine, this man of faith must have had days where his faith was tested, and I think it’s important that we reflect upon that sometimes.  It may give us cause to stop and ask ourselves, what ways do we need to trust more?  In what ways is our faith challenged and are we prepared to meet these challenges?

Trusting God is faith in action; in what areas of our own lives do we need to have greater trust in God’s love for us, His Providential Care for us?

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