Called by Name

Jesus invites us to follow Him and to “Come and See”, to have the strength and courage to come and see what the Lord has to show us – what He’s all about and what a Life in Christ is all about.  But this is not merely a universal invitation (although it is that too)!  It is a very personal invitation, and Jesus calls us by name. We know He called the Apostles by name, but in today’s Gospel we have the Risen Lord speaking with Mary and He is calling her by name.  As a Disciple, she hears His voice and recognizes Him as we too hope to.  Our daily spiritual exercises are important to that end; the time we spend conversing with God in prayer, knowing Him through His Word and through His Sacraments given to us, understanding His hopes and desires for us through the Church and beyond this in many personal and particular ways which we as individuals choose to draw ever closer to Jesus.  Mary Magdalene had a very particular and unique relationship with the Lord as we all do (or aspire to) and He does call each of us by name.  Are we ready and able to hear His voice as He calls?  Will we recognize Him where He calls out for us?

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