Jesus Is Risen Alleluia

We celebrate on this most Holy Night, the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, just as He said He would Rise – so He did!  I was happy to have been able to spend some time in prayer today and my thoughts were drawn back to the Easter Vigil in 2003 when I entered the waters of Holy Baptism and was confirmed and became a Catholic Christian.  It was one of the greatest nights of my life!  More than thirty years in this world and I remember praying the entire day in an empty and barren church.  Our Lord was not there and after having several years of spiritual journey: learning, loving, knowing and growing closer to Jesus I felt a great emptiness and loneliness in that empty and barren church.  I experienced in that short time of prayer both desolation and consolation soon after.  The desolation for me as a soon-to-be Catholic was that emptiness and a deep sense of what most of the thirty-one years of my life had been; desolate and Jesus was not there.  He was there and I was more and more giving my life for Him and here He was gone.  I longed for Him.  The emptiness made me hunger all the more.  The consolation for me was knowing that Jesus was now a part of my life, and as I prepared each week in the Scrutinies and commemorated His Passion and Death in this Holy Week; this time Jesus rose, I would be rising with Him.  And I was excited; I was ready.

When I entered the waters of baptism, I remember climbing into the font praying for the Holy Spirit to come and reveal Himself to me in a greater way.  And He did.  I prayed as the water was poured over me, and I prayed that the Lord “show me the way”.  It was not primary on my mind, but my pastor had thrown me for a loop the week prior by his asking me to consider the Holy Priesthood.  That was not on my mind; but a desire to spend the rest of my life as a dedicated Christian man and to know what God wanted me to do – this was on my mind.

Fourteen years ago I became a Catholic Christian and the Lord has blessed my life each and every day of it.  I have journeyed with Him through some trying times with loved ones dying and it has only strengthened my faith.  He called me to give my life as a Priest, and I rejoice in His using me to be His Instrument in the world and for His people.  The Lord has shared His Way, His Truth and His Life with me and I am truly grateful.  A Blessed Easter to one and all!

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