Saturday After Ash Wednesday: Our Lives Have a Meaning and a Purpose

Matthew's Call

As many of my readers will know, I am a big believer that our Christian faith provides us with both a clear sense of purpose and the meaning of our lives.  We might be inclined to laugh this off as absurd until we give ourselves to Christ.  We might believe that this is a recruiting tool Christian use to get more to believe.  Although it’s the Christian’s mission to evangelize; to “get to heaven and bring as many people with us as we can” it is also very much a part of Jesus’ instruction that Disciples not focus too much time and attention in places where Jesus’ Word is being rejected.  We have to accept that God is the primary agent, and we are secondary in His mission.  If we don’t reach someone, we need to get past it and entrust it back to God.  That said, it is an important part of the Christian witness to share with others the joy, peace and understanding of his or her meaning and purpose found in being a Christian and living it out through our chosen and freely responded to vocation.

Our Gospel today illustrates one such vocational call: that of St. Matthew, aka Levi.  He was living his life for what he could gain in the world and although he had much of what the world could offer him; money, worldly power over others, material things – none of this brought him any closer to discovering meaning in his life and his true purpose.  But Jesus did, and we know He did.  Matthew followed the Lord and found a new purpose and the meaning for his life as an Apostle.  He brought others to the Lord and the Church and faith we are a part of is thanks to Matthew and the other Apostles and Disciples.  Today’s Gospel is his story; what will yours be?

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