A Few For the Harvest: The Lord Needs You!!!

In today’s Gospel, Jesus elucidates a parable for us, speaking of the harvest and the various actions taking place there; the sifting of the weeds, the harvest of the fruits of the good seeds.  My friends, we must look at the world as we live in in these earthen terms; we must all live our faith looking forward to the final harvest. We ask ourselves today, what will the harvest of our lives look like?

Choosing our vocation is a pretty good beginning to determining how we are going to find a plentiful harvest with the life the Lord has given to each one of us.  When I say this, my presumption is that to each who “chooses” a vocation (in as much as the Lord is also doing the choosing) and seeks to live that vocation out to it’s fullest; you will come to discover the great meaning and purpose for your life!  We can choose priesthood, religious life or marriage but we must earnestly dedicate our lives out to living it out to the best of our abilities and always placing God at the centre of our vocation.  There are many men and women who are called but don’t answer the call because of fear, because of a misguided sense of what is required.  Often our insecurities, our weaknesses, our fears and our personal challenges seem insurmountable.  When we allow our own inadequacies in any area to be the reason we turn away from what the Lord is calling us to do – we face a life of feeling out of synch and often a life, even with blessings and graces in it (because God won’t punish us for this), that doesn’t seem to fulfilling.

Consideration of how we live our lives is important to a reflection for today.  If we are going to do the Lord’s work to the very best of our ability we need to be all that He created us to be.  Although there are many people God has called to the vocation of marriage, only recently has this become a vocation in crisis.  Religious vocations on the other hand, have come in and out of crisis throughout the history of the Church. Whatever our vocation may be, though it and by it we will sow good seeds and reap an abundant and fruitful harvest.  Let us consider today the part we play in the harvest at the end of time – it’s not work for others to do – it’s ours!  If we do our part, we keep the unfortunate fate Jesus prepares us for from happening.  May God bless you.

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