The Miracle of Sharing

Multiplication of the Loaves

Pope Francis in one of his Angelus addresses last year spoke of the multiplication of the loaves and really gave me something to think about. His message and reflection was from the perspective of sharing, that in fact the miracle was in sharing. I have never thought of this in this way. I think the easy way to reflect upon the multiplication of the loaves is it’s obvious connection to the Holy Eucharist, but I have come to see that the Holy Father has something amazing to share with us. In today’s Gospel, the disciples look at the problem from a truly human perspective, whereas Jesus shows us that sharing from what little we have is a truly a Divine solution. I have never considered sharing to be divine, but as I consider our global community, the abundance in some locales, including our own and the absolute necessity in other vast areas of the world, it makes sense to me that God has created a world in which sharing really is a Divine action. Sharing of our wealth, our personal resources, sharing of our gifts and talents, and even the sharing of our time which seems to be such an arduous task for many of us who are so busy these days isn’t just an obligation, it’s the way we configure ourselves to Christ and offer discipleship. On this 17th Sunday of Ordinary Time, may we all remember that an important part of our call as Christians and an important part of our vocation is to share; without this sacred action, we can’t live our lives for God and for others. Let us then consider the ways large and small that we can share and remember that the multiplication of the loaves was a truly inspiration sharing of the Lord’s abundance with those whom He loves, perpetually He offers us this at Holy Mass; a gift of love.

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