We’re Back…Daily Posts on Vocations

We’re back!  Today marks the beginning of my return to blogging for the Office of Vocations.  When I created this blog, I contended that the Lord speaks to us day by day about vocations and most of the Scriptures attest to this.  The Office of Vocations commits itself to trying to reach as many people as we can throughout the Archdiocese of Toronto, asking all of the faithful to consider continuing to renew and rebuild the Catholic Church by generously giving our lives to the “mission”.  At many of our Toronto ordinations to priesthood, Cardinal Collins refers to the next step of the faithful Catholic men who are ordained priests as “marrying the mission”.  We celebrate the many men who are serving and who have gone before us serving in this capacity, but they have not built up the Church of Jesus Christ alone.  All of us have a part to play in that, and God willing we will continue to.

When I created “Come, Follow Me”, my intention was to blog a lot more than I have been doing.  I made the commitment to a daily blog posting through this past Lent, and now with the help of some of our seminarians from the Archdiocese of Toronto, I am going to try to make the daily commitment of publishing a vocations post on our blog for your pleasure.  I pray that these reflections are helpful, and I will supplement them from time to time with other reflections throughout the year.jesus-with-teen.png

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