5th Friday of Lent: What Claim Do we Have on God

In the Gospel today, Jesus is accused of blasphemy for claiming to be God’s Son, equal with God.  Of course, we accept this as an important part of our faith.  For us as Christians, we might ask ourselves how often or in what ways are we attacking each other for blasphemy?  Is it when someone differs in ideology, ecclesiastical sensibility, personal devotions?  In my relatively short Catholic life, I have come to see that one of the greatest issues Catholic Christians have with each other is differing viewpoints.  We may not call the attacks we level against one another blasphemy – we have other words for it; but we do not see what others do as “of God” and we level judgment against our brothers and sisters for it.  Of course, I’m not talking here of dissension from Church teaching, but of a person’s way or practice of worship.  Unfortunately, just as the attacks of the religious leaders of the time really did take away from the ministry which Jesus was doing – we have the words of the Gospel now and so the Lord “made good” from these vicious attacks by reminding us through the Gospel that we need to see God in our brothers and sisters in Christ!  If by baptism (a baptism we share with Him) we are baptized into the one faith, whether it was as a part of a liberal or conservative, progressive or traditional community – it is of the Lord!  And for this reason, we are not doing the Lord’s work when we simply can’t try to recognize that in our brothers and sisters.

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