3rd Wednesday of Lent: Rules Are Important to Christians Too!

There’s a certain trend for us as Christians to reject the rules, or to simply pay lip service to them and to be indifferent to them.  There’s also a temptation to see the Sacrament of Reconciliation as an occasion to pay lip service to what we are called to do by the ‘rule of our faith’ and then not make any real effort to live by the Gospel.  First of all, most of us will have certain “rules” which we don’t fully or completely udnerstand and it’s okay to say so.  But we must ask the Lord to reveal His truths to us, and be assured that if we have an open heart and mind, He will do just that!  We must also not look at confession as a sacrament that gives us pardon for being “underachievers” as Christians; that’s a distorted way to look at this beautiful sacrament.  We are called to understand and live out to rules, because these structures give us the formation we need whether we understand them or not.  We are a people of the Law, and Jesus affirms this for us in today’s Gospel.  I think of St. Joseph and our Lady.  These blessed parents of our Lord were aware of the “specialness” of the Son, but yet followed all the Jewish laws in raising Him.  So important was this human and social formation to our Lord, that He entered the waters of baptism when He didn’t in fact need to; He did so as we now know to reconcile all things in Himself and deify baptism for us – but it also teaches us the importance of the Law for all time.

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