3rd Tuesday of Lent: Our Vocation Requires Radical Forgiveness Too

We are challenged to reflect today on how forgiving we are, and how forgiving are we called to be.  Peter asks Jesus how often is he called to forgive, and Jesus tells him, “more than you do”.  This is soemthing for all of us to reflect upon.  I know from my own experience, as well as the experiences that many of the people I have come to know both in and out of vocation work have had: we need to forgive in a radical way!  We often talk love, love, love as the guiding force in our faith, and I would not reject that.  But what I would contend is that for most of us who are past childhood [and I include teens here] we harbour ill-feelings towards others often feelings and thoughts that are deserved.  These “weeds” get in the way of the wheat, the harvest that our lives should be about: unforgiveness gets in the way of our vocation and vocational discernment.  There’s no question that we are going to have to use the Lord as our model for this; He forgave even what seems like an unforgivable sin “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”; crucifying the Son of God; God Himself!  We will have less to forgive than that – guaranteed!  If we are to truly and authentically witness to our faith; forgiveness is going to have to be an essential ingredient.  Let us pause for a moment and think of all of those whom we haven’t forgiven and those whom we need to be forgiven by; and let us pray for the courage and strength to do what we can,asking the Lord’s grace for growth in this way.  May God bless you.

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