3rd Monday of Lent: Do We Want to Become Saints among Saints? Or Less Than We Can Be?

Do we want to hear the Gospel, the Good News, even if it calls us to task, or would we prefer something that allows us to live as we’re currently living – and pay lip service to the Lord?  I’m asking this question rhetorically, because it would be easier for all of us to just keep doing what we’re doing and not really have to be challenged in our lives – but neither would we become the people we are capable of being.  We are a people on a journey, all of us, and sometimes it takes longer for some of us to get there but we are all called to amend our lives and live for the Good News.  Some get this, some others don’t.  In today’s Gospel, we hear that the faithful are ready to lynch Jesus; they can’t accept the challenge.  This is the way back then; it’s the way now too.  Where do you stand?  What are you prepared to do to amend your life?  I ask myself this very same question.  As you reflect on this, be prepared because this is what your life will be about when you come to discover your vocation.  Self awareness which is to see yourself in the manner in which God sees you, an understanding of strengths and weaknesses, a constant desire to become better and to live authentically and truly for Gospel living.  It would be easier to believe that we’re doing everything in a right manner and that life is meant to be lived seizing the moment, but this will not nurture growth and this will not help us to be the people we are meant to be “saints among saints in the halls of heaven”.

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