2nd Tuesday of Lent: Humility the Key to the Right Path

In the Gospel today, Jesus offers us words to live by.  Follow your leaders, but don’t just assume that you are called to do what they are doing.  We know in this Church of ours, that there are many things happening all around us that we don’t approve of that truly aren’t what Jesus Christ Himself has called us to.  I think we’ve all been a part of the Catholic Church long enough, and seen enough to know that despite our Church continuing to be the “rock upon which our Lord built His Church”, that there is a fallen, frail humanity which weakens it too often.

Each and every one of us needs to be aware of our weaknesses and be close to the Lord in the Sacrament of Penance, because we can’t afford to let our weaknesses weaken the Church; we can’t allow that to happen. They won’t if we’re faithful to the Lord and to His grace of forgiveness and reconciliation: instead our weaknesses give us strength in the manner in which we are compassionate, understanding and gentle with others. Jesus implores His followers not to do as the Pharisees, the leaders do.  What they do is lack humility and they’re blinded by spiritual pride.

We know from Sacred Scripture, from the Gospels that the Apostles were of a different ilk; so flawed and lacking but given God’s grace. Almost every encounter we have with St. Peter in the Gospel is confessional; his needing to recognize his failings, his “getting it wrong” a lot of the time.  We need to always remind ourselves to be humble, and I personally believe there is no better way to remain humble for any of us than confession; for in this glorious sacrament, we present ourselves in this way – it offers us the way to be about the work of the Lord.  Let humility and a healthy awareness of your own weaknesses to keep you humble and be the foundation now and always; that you, and all of us might open our hearts and minds, to see where we go wrong, and seek to do it right.  May God bless you.

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