1st Thursday of Lent: Asking, seeking & knocking are Essentials of Vocational Discernment

Today’s Gospel almost seems to stand against the Gospel we heard yesterday; but of course it’s not.  Yesterday, we were told not to look for signs; today we are told to ask, to seek and knock.  When we look for signs, we are often in the mindset to look for excuses too.  When we want the Lord to dazzle us, it’s because we are more committed to not serving or following Him than following Him totally and completely.  Today’s Gospel call and promise is for the sincere follower; the one who truly wants to follow the Lord.  Even if we experience challenges [and we will] we are given these words to remind us that the Lord is never far away.  He is with us on the journey.  Many of us will experience “dark nights” in our spiritual journey and especially when we prepare to follow the Lord and live our vocation.  Many of us know the thirty year experience of Blessed Mother Teresa.  We shouldn’t be afraid, the Lord is near – and even Mother Teresa despite the spiritual hardships she underwent never lost faith and continued to trust in Him.  She accounted this experience for us to assure us of His fidelity which she died knowing.  She is a model to all of us of fidelity to the Lord but also fidelity to a life lived well and a strong vocation!

The Gospel is one which I think aptly suits vocational discernment.  Ask the Lord what it is He wants you to do with your life – and He will tell you.  Seek; look around you and into your heart & soul, see your gifts and how they might best be used, this will lead you to choose the right path.  Knock on doors; looking for those to help you answer the questions you may have, and you will enter the joyful world of vocational discernment leading you to the path you and the Lord are together choosing for you!  May God bless you.

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