First Monday of Lent: God’s Glory found in Service

For us as Christians intimately connected to the Lord through His Church; we ask in prayer and ponder, how do we live heaven on earth?  Today’s Gospel begins with the vision of the glory of God in the heavenly realm, then our Lord Jesus brings to His followers the human reality that will lead them to discover the great glory on earth; to bring heaven to earth before we get there.  In a word, it’s through service.  Our Holy Father Pope Francis shares with us this message as well.

I am deeply edified by the tremendous love, talent, intellect and devotion I experience in the men and women whom I meet in vocation work.  It’s humbling to know that the Lord is calling saints-in-the-making to serve His Church in powerful ways in our society and in this day and age.  If I could identify one quality that I look for and so often see powerfully lived out in many, it’s the role of service.  It’s not service because it’s the thing to do, or it’s what men who might want to enter the seminary think the vocation director might want to hear or see; it’s service because in many they have servant’s hearts.  It’s service because for many who are growing in their faith, they see Jesus Christ Himself in the men and women they serve in so many and various ways.

What edifies me is that through the dedication to Christian experience I see in the people I meet, I am called to give myself in a greater way.  But that’s how it works. We inspire each other and help each other to become better Christians.  If we ever want to hone and develop the ability to see Jesus in others, I can assure you that it will only be through service that we develop this ability, and the Grace of God will take us from there.  Through grace, this world becomes a much, much better place.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, during this Lenten season, may we all be a little more mindful of what we can do to serve one another; as our Lord tells us this is truly the way we find God’s glory and come to know heaven.

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