32nd Thursday in Ordinary Time: Live for Your Faith

We are cautioned by today’s Gospel not to take for granted what was given to us – that could include many gifts from God but today we focus on one of the greatest gifts; that is, our faith. What has brought each of us together here this morning is something which may be profoundly personal and which you may never have revealed to another person; that is, God has revealed Himself to you! We don’t get up for Holy Mass, many of you having travelled further than I did to get here today without God having revealed Himself to you. That can never be something small or insignificant.  Since God’s not small and insignificant, neither then can His personal revelation of Himself to you be small and insignificant. Nonetheless, as we know it’s easy to begin taking that for granted or overlooking it. We can get caught up in the outer trappings of life, and when we do we also begin to minimize the revelation of God, we lose perspective. You might wonder how I can say all these things, as though I speak from authority on it?  Well, I’m no exception. The Lord revealed Himself powerfully to me, so that I entered the baptism at 31 and was in seminary formation three years later, a priest ten years after my conversion. Nonetheless, I find myself often distracted from the glory of God revealed and focussed on the pessimism of the world. I find myself easy to criticize, to find fault, to be of fault, to lessen the kingdom sometimes by my actions. Where I’m leading with this is that if we don’t get ourselves back on track in our faith, we will find that we don’t recognize the Lord in His majesty, mystery and awesome wonder if we don’t keep our faith fresh and ignited. This is a caution for us, but it’s also an opportunity for us to turn things around again. Let God reveal Himself to you now! Let Him forgive you of your transgressions in the Sacrament of Penance. Let Him speak to you through the Word and His Greatest Action of His Most Holy Body and Blood. Know that filled with the Eucharistic Presence, ignited by His word and ready for action – that the Lord our God reveals Himself to each one of you now, to go out into the world making disciples for Jesus Christ. My friends, we are not in danger of missing God if we are ready at this very moment and hereafter to receive Him.  May God bless you.

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