32nd Wednesday in Ordinary Time: God’s Given a Lot; Are We Aware?

In the Gospel today, we see something which mirrors faith activity which takes place in our world today. The Lord makes Himself known in many different ways, gives grace and gift to us all, and yet there is only a small percentage of us responding to that gift and mystery.

I choose this term “gift and mystery” for a reason. If you’ll recall, that’s what St. John Paul II entitled his own vocational account, recognition that his life, every talent and grace he had received which led to his vocational response was both gift and mystery.  There was part of what God had given that was apparent and known; there was a greater part that was unknown to him.  For our late pope and now saint and for you and I.  Even when he wrote his own autobiography; could John Paul II have had a total awareness of what God would do with the gifts He had given to him?  Could he have known what was in store for him as he began his vocational discernment?  He couldn’t have, nor can we – hence, mystery.  But we can make the glory of God present here and now, God gives us all that power.  We have to accept that He can and He will – and if we do we will be truly amazed at how He manifests Himself in this world through our humble response.

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