30th Thursday in Ordinary Time: Let Us Accept the Prophet in our Jerusalem

The prophets are rejected in Jerusalem. My friends, you don’t have to go to the Middle East to find that place either!  Jerusalem is all around us.  Just because we are Christian, we are not immune from rejecting the Word of God; in fact when we act like hypocrites, when we think that others are in any way inferior to us, when we act in anyway unchristian towards others – we too are the ones rejecting the prophet.  Is that any of you?  Well, it can certainly and often times be me.  As I ponder the word of Christ in today’ s Gospel I know that there have been many times in my life that I have allowed my own doubt to guide me and my actions.  There are many times I have allowed my own insecurities and issues motivate me not to be as kind to others and in fact to be downright uncharitable.  I have rejected God, and yet He has never, ever rejected me.  But there is hope!  Jesus has given me (and you) a brand new day and has called upon me to seize that day to make today a better day, and tomorrow an even better day than that.  On the third day, I remember that all was accomplished and the Son of God gave me that opportunity, mindful of yesterday and what the last moment was of my failings to be now and opportunity to be a greater, better Christian.  My friends, let us consider in this moment that instead of worrying about who’s going to think or say or do what to us (Jesus isn’t concerned about Herod) let us concern ourselves with living and giving witness to the Gospel in the place we are at this very moment in time.  May God bless you.

One thought on “30th Thursday in Ordinary Time: Let Us Accept the Prophet in our Jerusalem

  1. Hello Fr. Chris, Hope you are doing well. It was great to see you on Monday for YCDSB’s Faith day! Although it did remind me how much my family and I miss you at St. Patrick’s Parish. I always looked forward to listening to your homilies. I very much enjoy reading your entries in Come, Follow Me… Thank you for all your spiritual guidance! God Bless.

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