30th Sunday in Ordinary Time: The Greatest Commandment; The Essence of Our Faith!

The “prime directive” of our faith, if you will is to love God and love one another. This motivates our every action as Christians.  Unfortunately, the problem with this mere statement is that it is not a true reflection of many of our own faith-driven actions and/or our faith experience.  I wish I could say it was, and I wish I could say that it was my own driving force always.  But friends, we live in hope.  For young men and women discerning a special calling, a vocation to priesthood, religious life most of the people I meet as Director of Vocations are at least sincere in trying to place this directive at the root of how we live our lives.

All too often, sin gets in the way. I’ve remarked on this before and I’ll say it again; it is always disappointing when people let sin get in the way of their calling.  Either we give up hope or we give too much attention to our sins, but there are many who are very good people, people whom I see very capable of giving generously to God and to others but who believe that they are too sinful or too evil to try.

Then there are others who become so fixed in what they believe is the essence of faith – and it doesn’t speak of God’s love or a love we can bask in, absorb and then share or emanate; give outwardly in a divine way.

But we are reminded and we reflect. Today’s Gospel calls us all to “get our head back in the game”, to get ourselves once again on the right track.  Our vocation; whether to be a husband, wife, priest, religious sister or brother is meant to further this commandment.  We are called to share and give the love of God; not demand it, not require it – share and give.

My friends, hear the Lord call you intimately to Himself, to live and give witness by your vocation. It will be the way you bring more love for the true God into the world, and as a result great love to your sisters and brothers!

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