29th Friday in Ordinary Time: We Must Use Our Intelligence to Know & Love God

Probably one of the most disappointing things in our times (and all times for that matter) is that we don’t use one of God’s greatest gifts to us for its intended purpose. We were given the gift of our intelligence so that we could intimately know our Lord and God.  And we use it for other things.  We have for a long time and throughout human history used this gift especially not for its intended purpose.  In today’s Gospel, Jesus cautions us on something if we stop and reflect most of us struggle with to some degree.  We perceive things, seek to understand things, grow to know things but in the end, when we are given the Gospel, the Revealed Word of God so many of us reject or ignore it.  The intelligence we use to perceive, know, understand other things we seem less inclined to exercise these gifts in God’s direction.

I see this too in vocation work. One of the greatest obstacles to discerning a vocation is a lack of trust.  We see that God brings men and women to discern a religious vocation; some discern well and know it’s not for them (God leads that too) but for others they can’t see what’s right in front of them; that a vocation to priesthood or religious life might just be the way God is revealing to them the way they will lead many, many others closer to Jesus and the Church.  I am edified by the men and women responding, there is no denying that – but to the others who might walk away I ask you to hear Jesus’ words today.  You see the presence of God in the world around you, you hear Him calling you closer to Him.  Listen to Him, trust Him and know that He is the one drawing you closer to Him to leading and living a joyful life through your own unique and particular vocation.  May God bless you.

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