29th Thursday in Ordinary Time: Our Lives Are Filled with the Goodness of the Lord

Today’s Gospel and the refrain of the psalm seem to be in conflict with one another – they seem to be. Living by the Gospel, living a life of faith is going to be difficult; it’s going to put you in opposition to the people you care about in your life. If this is the case, where is this great goodness our lives are filled with; that the psalm refrain refers to?

There’s a price to pay for living our faith; there’s a price to pay for not. We have to make the choice!  We do pay a price when we live our faith, and the price we pay is that there will be people in our lives; those close to us and around us might reject us or reject what we seem to stand for to them.  But whether we are rejected or feel dejected by those who care for us; our loved ones will grow to accept our faith if we truly live it and if they don’t we can be assured that there is a problem somewhere there for those loved ones, deeper than we can penetrate – but Jesus can! We have to trust Him.  On the other hand, we are really the only ones who suffer by not living our faith.  For many of us, we feel out of sync, disconnected, not really living for our meaning and the purpose God created us to live for –which we can only find with faith.

The great goodness we will find by living our faith far exceeds the suffering we undergo for it. That we are promised that we are assured.  I go one step further and suggest that living our faith meaning seeking to find our true vocation; what and how God calls us to live that faith; maybe as a married man or woman, building the glory through family; each family a solid brick or block of the Holy Temple of God’s Church.  Maybe it’s through spiritual generation we offer as a priest, religious sister or brother; a consecrated person for God – that is we seek to find.  I can assure you that is a challenge too; part of the challenge Jesus offers us in the Gospel today, but not a challenge each of us should shy away from.

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