29th Wednesday in Ordinary Time: The Future Starts Today; Not Tomorrow

Today’s Gospel follows upon yesterday’s call to be vigilant. It’s important for us not only to be vigilant, but as Jesus tells us in the parable today – when we aren’t we will be judged for our actions.  Our Lord’s call should not scare us or make us fatalistic.  It is however a warning of the dangers of complacency in our lives of faith.

I’m often careful about telling my own faith and vocation journey story with young people because I don’t want anyone to get the impression that they should put off fully engaging their faith lives until later, as I did. As many who know me know, I didn’t become Catholic until I was 31, and four years later I was in the seminary and ordained a priest when I was 41.  I lived ¾ of my life without Jesus Christ in it.  But since then, I desire to be nowhere else but with my Lord and God!  Living for myself and my own desires for so long, there is often a temptation and danger to think like I did (and St. Augustine did when he put off giving himself to the Lord) that it’s better to wait until tomorrow or later to give ourselves in faith; let’s live for today.  The experience of so many of us is that our lives are accounted of us before we know it – so it’s truly better to live right now in the way we want to in the end.  This is not fatalistic, but realistic.  None of us know the hour, but we are accountable for our whole lives when it comes.

My brothers and sisters, live your life fully and completely for the Lord and for others now. The future starts now, not tomorrow.  I can assure you that this is a decision you will not regret.

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